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The You Are A GIFT Foundation Raises $2,500 to Help Women Overcome Drug Addiction

John Bentley, Executive Director of the You ARE A GIFT Foundation, presented a donation to Laura Rose, the Program Director for NewLife for Women on December 29, 2021. The $2,500 donation will help to fund NewLife for Women’s long-term, faith-based treatment program for women who need help in overcoming their addiction to drugs.

The counseling staff at NewLife for Women are uniquely experienced in the needs of women. They offer acceptance, understanding and compassion to the women in their care. Their goal is to provide quality treatment, and to help women find a new direction, a new purpose, and most importantly, newfound HOPE. For more information visit:

“100% of your donation will be used as scholarships for mothers that do not have the means to pay for our services,” said Laura Rose, Program Director.

The programs offered by NewLife for Women are certified by the Substance Abuse Division of the Alabama Department of Mental Health. Every dollar they raise goes toward making a difference in the lives of those they reach.


You Are A GIFT Foundation is a regional non-profit based in Hartselle, Alabama that partners at the local level with organizations to help mothers overcome addiction so they can restore relationships with their families and live a meaningful life.

The foundation raises funds through book sales, speaking engagements, and public donations. For more information about how you can get involved please visit:

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