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Shawnneice Brock


Hello, my name is Shawnneice Brock. I am a graduate of University of AL-Birmingham (UAB) with my BS in Social Work and I graduated from The University of AL (UA) with a Master's in Social Work focusing on Mental Health.


I found my passion in Social Work when I started working in Mental Health along with a specific love for Gerontology. I have worked in hospital and outpatient, clinical settings for over 35 years. Currently, I am a Clinical Therapist in an outpatient Psychiatry Clinic. Also, I really enjoy academia as well and have been teaching Social Work courses at UAB for about 12 years now.


I have been married for 35 years to my wonderful husband, Joe. We have 3 adult children who we are enormously proud of. Additionally, I am a licensed and ordained minister and enjoy serving with my husband as Pastors of a local, Christian fellowship.





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