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R. Patryce Bryant


R. Patryce Bryant is a native of New Haven, CT.VP of Workforce Development at the Urban League of Southern, CT. She serves on the Board of Elders and is also the Minister of Music at Triumphant Christian Church, Bridgeport, CT.


She has been singing since 2 years old, playing the piano in church at 12 and preaching since 25. Patryce is passionate about assisting others with pushing into their greatness be it naturally or spiritually. She is the Mother of two children, Pejay, married to Samantha and Whitney, married to Bleck. And two gorgeous granddaughters, Rose Patryce and Daniella Victoria.


2012 Gospel Single released "I'll Trust"

2012 Most Popular Gospel Award in CT

2013 Best Female Vocalist in CT

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