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Kevin McNulty


Kevin McNulty is an international speaker, personal development coach, author, and podcaster with a simple mission in life; to inspire and help people learn and grow in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.


Kevin carries out this mission using one of his primary strengths as a coach, speaker, and teacher; by tapping into the often-untapped knowledge and wisdom of his clients and audiences.


As apersonal growth coach and keen observer of people and culture, Kevin has observed how few people tap deep into their greatness. Moreover, he believes that every human should—as they mature—burst like cattail and spread their seeds of knowledge and wisdom in the wake of their life.


He uses his speaking and coaching to help people think deeper, see clearer, and then take bold action to unleash their “powers to be...”. Kevin’s principal areas of expertise are personal development, human & workplace dynamics, and change & transition.


He is also the author of The Gap Between Two Worlds...Turning Major Life Transitions Into Personal Growth Experiences — a book on change, transition, and personal development.


Kevin is a follower of Jesus Christ. He lives in the greater Nashville area with his wife and two girls.

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