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Franklin James Marshall


Founder of Team Force of One


Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Mentor


Born and raised in Atlanta GA, Frank Marshall otherwise known as “Uncle Frank” in many communities, has always had a longing to be a business owner.


After experiencing years of hardship as a poor southern boy, and being raised by a single mother, Frank made a promise to God, “If you bless me, I vow to bless others.” From that day on, his mission to make a difference in the lives of others stands as tall as a mountain. Helping one “son” at a time by teaching boys and young men skilled trades, to become the next entrepreneur is his passion.


Frank stated, “Being raised fatherless is very frustrating and hard for any young person.” Broken young men who I’ve visited with and talked to personally, background ribbed with abuse, neglect and complete absence of a father figure leaves them filled with anger.


Moving forward, Frank stated, “It comes with great joy to be able to launch Team Force of One Entrepreneurship and Apprentice program.” Boys are the biggest losers when a family is broken apart. With the help of many businessmen Team Force of One Entrepreneurs is giving back on a much larger scale.


We are in a great place and thankful for the opportunity to teach and assist the fatherless young men at no cost in and around our community.

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