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6. Fellowship EJ Headshot.png

Emily Jordan


Emily Jordan is dedicated to helping people know Jesus and thrive. She is passionate about many things; number one is God. Educated as a nurse over 20 years ago, Emily has a unique background of diverse nursing experiences including international medical and faith-based missions.


She is also John Maxwell Leadership Trained and Certified and has co-created and co-led several “He Leads” conferences with her husband Chris Jordan. Emily’s love for being a voice and advocate for all ages is evident in her life and how she generously serves others.


Emily grew up poor in money: rich in love and experiences. Her vast and diverse life experiences and travels have fueled her heart to serve God and people; she has and continues to do that through family, nursing, fostering, church, local and international mission trips, community events, and is currently serving alongside her husband with 420 Fire Maryland.


You will hear and feel Emily’s passion and love as she offers a unique approach to the Biblical principle of fellowship and how critical it is in order to prosper in the Lord and live a Christ centered life.

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