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Elder Denise M. Horton


In 1980 Elder Denise M. Horton discovered a moment in her life in which she had to decide as to the direction in which her life would flow. In 1981 she received the greatest gift, salvation.


In 1982 she began her work as a Registered Nurse. In 1988, she started a career as a travelling nurse in Washington, DC. Returning to Alabama, she engrafted herself to the Church Of The Firstborn Ministries, Inc. She promised God that she would be a good member, hear and obey His word, love, and teach.


In 1991 she was ordained as an Elder. Her ministry responsibilities include Health and Wellness Ministry, Medical Ministry, Mentoring gang members, Youth and Children’s Ministry teacher and advisor, Media Ministry Advisor, Singles Ministry Leader, Financial Officer, and Praise and Worship Leader.


When Elder Horton graduated from nursing school, the inscription was “Pro Deo ET Proximo, " meaning, “What I do For God, and Country, and Neighbors.”

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