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Dr. James Perdue


Dr. James Perdue known as "Professor of Perseverance”


Meet James and his faithful service dog, Ricardo. As an expert on perseverance, resiliency, and mental toughness by developing an optimistic attitude, James educates leaders and teams on how to rebound from life’s inevitable setbacks and maximize productivity throughout life.


At age sixteen, James Perdue had to grow up fast after his father died. Concerned about his mother and brothers, he hoped his athletic talent would lead to a financially successful professional baseball career. He attended Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tennessee on a baseball scholarship. With the attitude of being invincible, he was in college for two weeks and played one college game in the fall.


Then unexpected tragedy came a-calling. On September 11, 1983, James became a quadriplegic, dislocating three vertebrae in his neck, from playing a casual football game. The doctor said, "James, I'm sorry. You'll never walk again and you might be paralyzed from your neck down."  Later, the doctor advised his family to place him in a nursing home; he would be too much of a burden for them to care for.


James became an award-winning educator, coached a state championship team, and earned a doctorate degree.

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