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17. Love CJ Headshot.jpg

Chris Jordan


Chris is a new creation, born-again into the image and likeness of His Father. Chris seeks only to know Jesus and seeks Him in all things and in everyone.


Chris has a leadership and discipleship mantle on his life that compels him to help others to realize and live in their identities as believers. All of Chris’s life has been for a time such as this.


A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, retired law enforcement, and victorious son of the living God through many of life’s circumstances, Chris shares a powerful perspective in boldness, truth, and love and submits to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Chris could share many other ‘accomplishments’ but sees them, as Paul did, as rubbish compared to experiencing and knowing our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As Jesus made Himself of no reputation, Chris seeks the same and prays to always do everything unto the Lord.


Chris is humbled and honoured to speak about what he believes to be the most important topic of all topics possible, and sometimes one of the most



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