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10. Joy AC Headshot.jpg

Aleris Cooper


Glorious Day everyone! My name is Aleris Cooper, daughter of our Most High God! King of Israel! My passion is to see others come into the reality of Sonship with their eternal Father God.


Eternal Joy! Is knowing and to be known by the One who chose me out of thousands of others I was the one He called by my name! Come Forth! How gloriously beautiful is this! That each of us God designed handmade chosen for this time! To stand on the front lines battle ready with an army of angels crushing hell for a living! To go into a war zone where most people would fear to go!


We have that opportunity if we choose to say yes! My joy is not subject to circumstances, it's a choice to fix my eyes off myself and see His face, the one who is the author and giver of eternal joy. Christ Jesus our Hope! His life is not just for a salvation message, but a lifelong journey to know the eternal One!

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